Will Dean Ambrose Be Given The CM Punk Treatment?

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Dean Ambrose has always had a momentous cult following since his days in the independent circuit but his support has increased faster than a Shawn Michael’s superkick since the split of The Shield.

“The Lunatic Fringe” has been likened to CM Punk in the past with the antihero persona and strong mic skills that keep the fans eyes locked on the screen and anticipate the next promo. Could Ambrose however be given the same treatment as the “Voice of the Voiceless” from the WWE staff?

Punk also had a massive following on the underground scene before joining WWE and also gained massive support when breaking through to the main event with his infamous pipe bombs and anti authority movements. However Punk never actually became THE face of the company with John Cena always standing in his way as WWE’s go to guy. Whilst Punk was WWE Champion and the most over face, the officials decided to keep all his title defenses off the main event unless he faced John Cena or The Rock. Even John Laurinaitis headlined Over the Limit while Punk locked arms with Daniel Bryan in a championship match in the middle of the card.

Ambrose faces a similar fate as Punk did with Cena in the form of Roman Reigns. The powerhouse has been pushed straight into main events of pay-per-views since going solo despite Ambrose & Seth Rollins garnering more attention from WWE fans during Shield’s dominance. Ambrose & Rollins both had paid their dues on the independent circuit before joining WWE and many had previously complained about Reigns being given the limelight ahead of the duo. Reigns has nonetheless improved vastly in the ring since being called up and even his promos have become stronger but it’s still Ambrose’s name that is trending on Twitter week after week.

Rollins could likely become the Daniel Bryan of the group in the sense that he could make it due to his natural babyface style but will Ambrose forever be overshadowed by those bigger in size around him?

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