All Gavlyn Wants To Do Is Sip Black Cherry Koolaid

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As part of our Think Ahead Tuesdays saga, we look at Gavlyn who has announced plans for an upcoming project, Make Up For Your Break Up.

The LA rapper debuted her new single, Black Cherry Koolaid last week, offering a chilled hip hop vibe with a modern jazz fusion twist.

The video sees Gavlyn unknowingly competing with another woman over a man. The angle is about to come to a climax at the Black Cherry Koolaid themed barbecue but we are left to wait for the story to continue another day. The single was released on the Peach House record label, which will not only serve as a place for both artists to release their own material but will be a home for other musicians.

Make Up For Your Break Up is set to release on November 13 with features from TASO and Anderson.Paak on the cards. Watch the video for the first single of the album below.

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