8 Reasons Why Luke Harper Should Be On The Top Card

By Sam oliver - @samo355

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Luke Harper is an incredibly underrated performer often putting on stellar matches in the small amount of time he is given. Weak booking, especially on his singles run let him down, and made it seem like Harper was just another guy. However, he can be much more than that and this article will explore the skills he has and how he can become a more prominent part of WWE programing.

8: His Promo Ability

The WWE higher ups probable feel that he’s not talented enough on the mic; however he has simply not been given the opportunity to show how good he is on the mic. He has been paired with super talented Bray Wyatt, whom often handles all of the talking. This overshadows Harper. However, when he has been given the opportunity to talk he has proven that he can convey a very convincing message on the mic.

7: His Selling Ability

Harper can sell. The man often sells like the commission from selling will feed his children. Take his recent encounter with Roman Reigns on Raw, he made Reigns look a million dollars. For example with Harper takes a big spot he takes the bump and sits back up with a vacant stare before flopping back down to the mat. This separates Harper from others on the roster and put him right up there with Ziggler, Zayn and Rollins as truly premium sellers.  This awesome selling ability perhaps holds Harper back as he is often tasked with making others look good. This was basically harper’s role in his singles run after dropping the Intercontinental Title to Ziggler at TLC.

6: He Can Work Like A cruiserweight

Luke Harper is 6ft. 5 and 275lbs and can do a hurricanrana. How is that not impressive? Simply put Luke Harper can do things in the ring that a man his size just should not be able to. Whether he decides to launch his 275lb frame over the ropes to perform a Hilo, Suicide Dive to the floor or hit his opponent with a Drop Kick. Pre WWE he was known as “The Right Stuff” Brodie Lee whose gimmick was a high flying baby face, this shows that Harper can work like a cruiserweight. This unexpected athleticism is very exciting for us wrestling fans as it makes matches exciting and allows us to marvel at the agility and athleticism of such a big man.

5: He is Charismatic

While it would be foolish to argue that he has charisma on par with The Rock or Stone Cold Steve Austin, he still does possess charisma he just shows it a different way. Harper’s simple “yeah, yeah, yeah” chant is a perfect example of this. Most of Harper’s charisma comes from his facial expressions and especially his vacant stare. This allows the audience to truly invest in his matches because these small details make him and the match more interesting.

4: His Ladder Match With Ziggler

In a recent interview Luke Harper named his favourite match as his Battle for the Intercontinental Title at TlC 2014 and it’s not hard to see why. Harper and Ziggler held nothing back and produced some spots that would not seem out of place in the Attitude Era. Harper takes a sick bump on a bridged ladder, Harper dives onto a ladder and lands shoulder first on it. When I watched this spot in legitimately thought Harper had dislocated his shoulder. Not to mention Ziggler getting busted open by a ladder seesaw into the middle rope.  Simply put for the PG Era this match had a different flavour to it and was packed full of jaw dropping spots. This match shows Harper’s wrestling ability at its best and is worth checking out.

3: His Versatility

Harper is a very versatile performer. He can work well as a singles competitor or in a tag team, he can sell, he can fly and he can brawl. He is a veteran performer with over 12 years’ experience and knows how to work with a wide variety of styles.  For example Harper can play the brawling big man in his bouts with Ziggler, but then in his six man tags with The Shield he played the work horse of the team, often spending the most amount of time in the match.  Simply put Harper can fulfil a wide number of roles for Vince McMahon and needs to be kept strong and credible in order to fulfil them. Harper could be vital during this transition period for WWE especially as they are lacking top heels.

2: Has an interesting character And Look

Luke Harper’s current character is very basic, but this makes it interesting because his character is shrouded with mystery and untapped potential. He’s currently playing the mindless cult follower character, and plays this to perfection with his vacant stare and his blind following of Braw Wyatt. His character (with the exception of Eric Rowan) is different to anything else on WWE Programing, and this makes his character exciting. Harper’s look is very unique, he looks like a legitimate mad man, with and unkempt beard a 6ft. 5 frame he is am monster of a man. His looks help bring legitimacy to matches because every move hits, looks like it was done with force and aggression. I mean take his Big Boot for example he pretty much decapitates his opponent, and the impact of the move is only improved by his monstrous look.

1: Not Been Given A Chance To Shine

Harper often enters to a muted pop, but this could all be improved if he was given more of chance.  Harper is never given an opportunity outside of matches to generate heel heat. Take Kevin Owens attacking fan favourite Sami Zayn after his big NXT Title win or power bombing Machine Gun Kelly (although the latter could be taken as a face act) he was given a chance to get over.  Harper is just a guy that has really good matches but with little heat surrounding them because creative do not give him a chance to generate strong heel heat. Harper was given a small chance with the Wyatt family attacking fan favourites, Chris Jericho, Daniel Bryan and CM Punk but this was part of a group so most of the heat went on the leader Bray Wyatt.  The fact is, as a solo act Harper has been given little chance to shine and that needs to change because Harper is very talented and could be a building block for WWE’s future.

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