8 Hilarious Hip Hop Appearances On MTV Cribs

By Anton Constantinou

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Rappers have a reputation for lavishness. There’s no getting away from that. And that lavishness roughly translates as: big car, big crib, and, in some cases, a big-ass woman. Bottom line, you’ve not made it unless you’re living large.

A sizable home, in particular, is a must-have for any burgeoning emcee. What better way to show off the mass wealth you’ve accumulated. Just recently Soulja Boy purchased a $6 million Hollywood penthouse which, by his calculations, contains a “closet bigger than niggas’ apartments.”

It’s your typical celebrity property: giant white-walled rooms, one too many bathrooms, a fridge full of crap. However, many are claiming the property is not his own but rather an Airbnb rental. Could the rumour be true? Soulja vehemently denies it, but it wouldn’t be the first time a rapper has attempted to pass someone else’s home as their home.

Cast your mind back to MTV Cribs: that reality TV show in which celebrities, musicians, actors and athletes offered guided tours of their homes. Naturally many hip hop artists jumped on the bandwagon, including Lil Wayne, Xzibit and Ja Rule. Here are some of the funniest clips we’ve been able to dig up:


Messy house, messy mind. In Redman’s case, the statement couldn’t be truer. We all know he’s a bit of nutter, so the revelation didn’t really come as much of a surprise. In quite possibly the funniest episode of Cribs, the former Def Squad rapper can be seen ironing on the floor and bragging about how he doesn’t own a coffee table. He even appears to have a lodger sleeping on the floor. Pardon the subtitles:

Elephant Man

Strictly not a rapper, but his humble abode was too good to leave off the list. And humble it certainly is: at the time of shooting it was pretty much a building site, with telltale signs including an empty swimming pool and a workman’s shoe strewn over a load of rubble. The only sign of life is the 10,000 or so pets he has floating about, including a shark in a tank barely big enough to contain a goldfish:

Ying Yang Twins

“Wait to you see my crib”. Sorry, but that pun that just had to made. The Ying Yang Twins seem to have an unhealthy obsession with sailboats, to such extent that their home is full of paintings and models of them. They claim to have decorated the property themselves, and we don’t doubt it for one second. The clip is made all the more hilarious by the subtitles:

Ja Rule

Where is Ja Rule, you ask? Probably not still living in this 5 bedroom island dwelling. At first glance, it looks to be tastefully decorated with colonial-style furnishings, but Ja seems more concerned with what’s going on in the kitchen. His sheepish cook is barely given an opportunity to speak, and a suspect character called “Muffin” is rather awkwardly introduced on a visit to the pantry.

Dj Khaled

No crib is complete without a nice motor or two, but Dj Khaled doesn’t even make it through the front door in this minute and a half of pure, unadulterated showboating:

Trick Daddy

More a baby wipes commercial than an episode of Cribs.  If only Trick Daddy had dedicated as much time to making hits:

Lil Romeo

Master P’s son can barely pronounce the word “chandelier”, let alone reach one. God knows what those Picasso paintings are doing in his living room, and as for the shoes, you might want to wear them every once in a while. Elsewhere there’s drawers filled with fan mail, and furniture which looks like it’s come straight off an Austin Powers set:

Lil Wayne

All Cribs episodes should be taken with a pinch of salt, but Lil Wayne’s feels suspiciously like a parody. Notice how serious he becomes when showing off his miniature car collection; how fixated he is with his Scarface inspired white sofa. On the other hand, he doesn’t give two shits about his kitchen worktops, nor do the bobbleheads on his mantlepiece appear to serve any real purpose:

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