6 Major Keys That Every Music Artist Must Have To Own Instagram

By Sumit Rehal

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The music industry is changing faster than ever and so is the social media game. Instagram recently is added an algorithm which ranks posts and show you what it “believes you care about the most”. This move now enables brands to use their exclusivity to appeal to their followers and make sure their content is seen.

We look a six keys that music artists must hold to own Instagram in the new era.

6. Use Comedy

As with YouTube, Twitter and Facebook, content with comedy is the most shared on Instagram. By featuring goofs and banter between your team online, people will not tag others on your post but will see you in a warming light.

Even by posting a meme that’s still relevant to what you are involved in will show your audience that you have a fun side and will be sure to check your page again for more entertainment.

5. Use Insights

Last week, Instagram on Tuesday began rolling out its highly anticipated Insights feature, which provides analytics about a user’s account directly in the app.

While rollout of this is still happening for the public, other third party apps are out there to help artists analyse their audience. Sprout Social, Iconsquare and Simply Measured are just three tools that will help users evaluate the responses on their Instagram to help create an even petter page.

4. Use Hashtags Properly

Even though you should use all of your thirty hashtag spaces, these should only be filled with tags that are relevant to you. By jumping on on the most popular trending hashtags, you are not only diluting your message but will be lost among millions of other more relevant pictures.

Instead, go for the popular but the not too popular hashtags. If your new song has relevance to a breaking news story, if people are searching by that hashtag then they will be able to draw parallels with your image. This tactic will also reduce the amount of spam accounts following you.

3. Run A Competition

Having a giveaway of an exclusive product for your followers is great for your artist profile. If the they get entered into a draw by sharing one of your images, your brand will be spread all over the world within a few taps.

People will also keep checking your page for updates on the competition, which will only further your relationships. The lucky winner of your giveaway will also be obliged to share their new prize online, creating a positive stance of you to their followers.

2. Behind The Scenes Diaries

Your Instagram profile is an opportunity for your fans to see the person behind the music. Share videos of your band preparing for a gig later that night to draw people to come down. Create a buzz of a picture of you writing lyrics for your new mixtape.

For new and bubbling under artists, the majority of the public become fans because they were able to relate to something unique about that artist that they didn’t see in the mainstream, your page is away to enhance that connection.

1. Create A Consistent Theme

There are millions of Instagram users out there, and so many people have become pro at taking photos with Instagram in mind, it’s easy to feel like you can’t stand out. To truly separate yourself the rest, you need to pre plan a theme so that you have your own brand evident throughout.

Pick a relevant colour scheme to go with carefully selected images that will draw the public to your music’s personality. This will not only make your page look like a piece of art but will uphold the image that you stand for.


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