5 things you may not know about Onoe Caponoe

By Anton Constantinou

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Cosmic rhyme machine, Onoe Caponoe is without doubt one of the most unusual acts to emerge from the UK hip hop scene.

The London rapper, as you may recall, was on our radar back in April, ahead of the release of his album, Spells From The Cyclops – which dropped at the end of that month. Having had some time to soak it up, we can safely say it’s nothing short of mind boggling.

Spells From The Cyclops takes listeners on a head bopping, extraterrestrial journey to sonic landscapes scarcely reached in hip hop music. Mellow synths, jazzy keys and various other odd sound effects combine in this abstract cut, which tackles such left-field topics as the Side Effects of Star Controlling, Love from a Ghost and Voltron Evolution.

4 months on, Caponoe has a whole host of new releases out online, including Deli Like Me, I Am Da Goat feat Pussywhip, and Tighhill and a “slurred” remix of SFTC. Illanee Fix Ur Shyyyt, released July 14th on YouTube, sees Caponoe addressing the life and times of a loose woman over a dirty south type instrumental, which calls to mind an early So So Def Record:

But what else is there to say about Caponoe other than the fact that he’s continuing to craft his art? Well, here’s a few interesting facts about the rapper that might take you by surprise:

5.) His songs have been known to reinvent classic stories like The Wizard of Oz (Wizard of Noz) and Donnie Darko (Donnie Darknoe).

donnie darko

4.) Some of his most way-out samples have come from places like adventure musical fantasy film, Labyrinth and British cult comedy series, The Mighty Boosh.


3.) He has performed all over Europe and at top live music events like Boomtown festival, Secret Garden Party and Boom Bap festival.

boom bap

2.) His rap name apparently originates from a strange woman he met at a castle in France who, upon his arrival, called out the words, “Onoe Caponoe”.


1.) The Lab steel guitar used in his track Space Jungles of Cattele was once owned by Pink Floyd legend, David Gilmour.

Pink floyd

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