5 predictions for WWE Night Of Champions: Who Will Leave With The Gold?

By Matt Vare - @Matt_Vare

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WWE Night of Champions returns for another year with every single title on the line. We are all wondering who will be leaving as top dog, especially in the double main event, which sees Seth Rollins defending both of his belts.

1. Will Nikki Bella’s record breaking divas title run continue?

In what will be a rematch from this past mondays RAW, Charlotte will challenge Divas Champion Nikki Bella in the hopes of ending her 300+ day reign as Champion.

Nikki’s record breaking reign hasn’t been without controversy, including her match against Charlotte on RAW this past week. The Bella’s performed “Twin Magic” which involved Brie and Nikki switching places. Charlotte then pinned Brie to momentarily become Divas Champion, before Stephanie McMahon came out and overturned the decision, with Charlotte winning by DQ but Nikki retaining the title and breaking the record.

The rematch is set for this Sunday and as per Stephanie McMahons rules, if Nikki loses, under any circumstance, she will lose the Divas title. With the supposed backstage politicing going on in Nikki’s favor, will Nikki retain her title once again on sunday or will Charlotte carry on the famous Flair legacy by becoming a first time Divas Champion?

There’s every chance we will see Charlotte win her first Title on the main roster, then go into a series of matches with Sasha Banks or maybe even a heel turned Paige or Becky Lynch. Either way, with Charlotte as champion and Nikki’s customary rematch out of the way, it could pave the way for some show stealing Divas Title matches in the very near future. WINNER: CHARLOTTE

2. Will the Dudley Boyz become 10x WWE Tag Team Champions?

Since the Dudley’s returned the night after Summerslam, they’ve been a thorn in The New Day’s side, with their sites firmly set on becoming 10x WWE Tag Team Champions, and wanting to put every member of New Day through a table. When the Prime Time Players lost their rematch this past monday on RAW, the match was set, The Dudleys vs The New Day.

With this being the Dudleys first big match since their return and New Day having the numbers advatnage could we possibly see an introduction of a third Dudley to even the playing field?

Its the 2x Tag Champs against the 24x Tag Champs. Its the team who’s been together for less than a year against the team that’s been together for 20 years. Surely the outcome is obvious right? For me, with The New Day doing their ‘save tables’ rally, this has to come down to The Dudleys winning the titles in a tables match. Count on Xavier Woods costing The Dudleys and a future rematch with the tables involved. WINNERS: THE NEW DAY

3. Who will be Reigns and Ambroses partner vs The Wyatts?

Since Bray Wyatt introduced Braun Strowman into the mix The Wyatts have looked unstoppable, with Strowman choking out Reigns, Ambrose and every tag team partner they’ve used so far to try and combat the Wyatt powerhouse. Reigns and Ambrose are keeping very hush hush about who their partner will be on sunday, prompting hundreds of questions and rumors about potential partners. They’ve mentioned somebody who has the power to combat Strowman, and mentioned somebody who is ‘family’ prompting even more questions on the mystery mans identity.

The one man nobody seems to have mentioned is Erick Rowan. Is this man still a member of the Wyatt family? Or has he been ousted with the addition of Strowman? Either way Rowan could play a big part in the outcome of the match this sunday.

Some of the names bandied about have been ‘out there’ with both Reigns and Ambrose jokingly mentioning The Great Khali and Savio Vega! Other names such as Chris Jericho, Kane, Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe etc have been thrown about on social media, but with Reigns mentioning family and blood, it can only be one man…IF YA SMELLLLLL!!  WINNER: REIGNS AMBROSE & ???

4. Who will leave the US Champion?

With Seth Rollins being on such a hot streak at the moment and John Cena very rarely losing two PPV matches in a row, the question asked has to be, whoch way will this go?

At Summerslam it was Jon Stewart who made the ultimate difference, hitting John Cena with a chair and handing Rollins the win for all the gold, but in the abscence of Stewart can Rollins somehow find a way to beat the WWE’s ‘Superman’. With this being Seth Rollins first match of the night and the one for the less prestigious title, Rollins may have his head elsewhere for this one, allowing the ‘Leader of the Cenation’ to swoop in for another US Title reign? Or will there be other factors which decide the outcome of this one?

Rollins is the go to guy at the moment, and while Cena doesnt normally lose too many PPV’s in a row, i think he’ll get the win by DQ on this one. WINNER: CENA VIA DQ, ROLLINS RETAINS

5. Will Sting’s first WWE Title opportunity be a successful one?

In only Sting’s second major WWE match of all time and his 4th overall, he gets himself a shot at the WWE Title in a match that really came out of nowhere. Despite having only 3 matches Sting has a 2:1 win/loss record, beating The Big Show via DQ and making the WWE World Champion tap out on RAW this past week, Sting will go into the match with all the momentum. With this being Rollins second match of the night, and the 56 year old Sting’s first big match since March, you feel the playing field will be a level one.

In possibly the biggest match of Rollins career, where he takes on one of wrestlings all time greats, will ‘The Architect’ have what it takes to show ‘The Icon’ why he’s the best in the business at this time? Or will the veteran Sting be able to combat the youngster with his experience and win his first ever WWE Title?

For me the Authority plays a part in this match. Either HHH doesnt want Sting as champion after dispatching of him at Wrestlemania, or after Rollins constant comparing himself to ‘The Game’ will HHH decide that Rollins time as Champion is up?


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