5 Epic UK Artists To Watch Out For In 2016

By Tommy Baird

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Following a triumphant year for British music from Ed Sheeran and Adele to Skepta and Stormzy, we look at five UK artists that are set to have a breakthrough in 2016!


DJ, producer, drum and bass label starter, Nootch is a guy with his fingers in many musical pies. From an early age of 6 he started mixing vinyl, and at age 9 his first live set. He was mixing mostly techno to begin with, before he found his true passion of Drum and Bass. Producing for 3 years now, he vows to “Bring out good music for the underground scene, playing as much as possible in different clubs, meeting new people along the way” In 2016 he plans on pushing his label forward as much as possible and take time perfecting his producing.



2016 looks to be a busy year for this newly formed indie/rock band. Located in the South Coast of England, the 5 pieces have only been together a few months but have already created 3 tracks and are working towards putting together a demo. Jas, the bands vocalist says the bands mission “is to play the music that we love, to people who share our passion for music, it’s our dream to perform at a festival to thousands that love our music.” In 2016 they plan on recording a great sounding EP and then an album, Playing as many shows, in as many cities as possible they hope to get festival slots, especially local festival ‘Victorious’.

You can check WHISKÄ out on:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/WhiskaMusic

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WhiskaMusic

SoundCloud: https://Soundcloud.com/whiska

 Ben Brookes

Speaking of local festival ‘Victorious;’ singer/songwriter Ben Brookes has been on the bill 3 times, only to miss it one time to work the belly/bladder of the festival (the bar) this year. The Portsmouth based folk-singer has been playing for 15 years, and he said his main objective for the upcoming year is to “release an EP; start recording a new album and get over to America for a tour. Ben feels very strongly about his music and vows to kick start the musical revolution.

Search for ‘Ben Brookes’ Reverb Nation.

Andy Muscat

2016 holds several secrets for singer, songwriter and guitarist Andy Muscat that we can all look forward to. Another local-to-Portsmouth lad, Andy is “in the process of setting up a home studio” and although new to production he has been writing for many years, and often works with many talented writers and producers. He continues “! I particularly owe a lot to the incredibly talented Optixx, who I work very closely with!” You can tell he is a lover of soul and Motown with his incredible second EP ‘Part of You’ which had a fantastic new approach of the club classic ‘show me love’ which I urge everybody to check out.






David Barraclough, originally from Liversedge, West Yorkshire has come down to join the ever growing music scene of the South Coast of the United Kingdom. Inspired by Jean Michelle Jarre, Kraftwerk and the Chemical Brothers he produces his own compositions as well as remix’s classics with an edge. His musical mission is “To be true to myself and my creations (to not sell out) to help others feel the same. Stop the corporate machine getting people to sell their souls for a hit track‼” Producing for over a year now he has plans to build a fully function studio, and high hopes to get his music in either a game or film.


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