Top 5 Most Craziest 2pac Sightings Ever

By Anton Constantinou

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This month marks the 20 year anniversary of 2Pac’s death. The legendary hip hop artist passed away on September 13th, 1996, following a tragic drive-by shooting in Las Vegas.

Yet, despite this fact, conspiracies claiming he’s alive and well continue to circulate.

YouTube users are largely to blame for the proliferation of such rumours. Not a year goes by without a new video being uploaded pertaining to his whereabouts.

2Pac didn’t exactly do himself anything favours by changing his name to Makaveli – a reference to the Italian Renaissance figure, Niccolo Machiavelli, who reportedly faked his own death as a means of getting ahead (for the record, Machiavelli never did this).

Former Death Row executive producer, Suge Knight, has also not helped the situation by suggesting that the rapper might be hiding out in Cuba.

The ‘2pac is alive’ argument, has, in itself, given way to a cult of people who either a.) Can’t let go of the past, or, b.) Are too young to have lived through his era, and so put faith in the idea of his existence as way of better connecting with his music.

Just a few weeks ago, an apparent selfie of the rapper hit newspapers.In the photo, a man is seen rocking ‘Pac’s trademark red bandana, along with a blue zip jacket.

But this is a tame example – there are far worse ones out there. Here are 5 of the most ridiculous we’ve come across so far:


Here he is at the 2014 BET awards. Yeah, like he’d really be supporting today’s hip hop!


Another highly questionable sighting. This time at a Lil Wayne concert. Perhaps ‘Pac was there to crush the theory that him and Wayne are alike.


2pac may have worn a garish garment or two in his time, but I doubt he’d be seen dead in this monstrosity of an outfit. Let alone in New York. That eyesore for a jacket is enough to rouse Biggie from the dead.


In this hilarious “news exclusive”, ‘Pac is seen hanging out in a car park, apparently unperturbed by the onlooking camera. What makes this even more funny is the fact that title says it’s shot in Cuba, even though the “reporter” makes its instantly apparent that he’s in L.A.


Where’s the best place to spot a rapper who’s disappeared off the face of the planet? I know, a woodland area. Comedy Central’s The Lucas Brothers make fun work of this sighting, chasing ‘Pac like a wild bear, before carrying out a voice recognition test.


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