Music Week: Is Dr Dre Back On The Detox?

By Julian Morton 

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Modern day John Keets, Drake has leaked a track featuring Beyoncé ‘Can I’. It’s ethereal, it’s moody and it’s sexy. Ever since one of the worst albums of the 2000s Thank Me Later, Drake tears have dripped into my ears and covered my heart

If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late, is by far my favourite Drake album in-spite of the music community’s strong belief it’s just a lot of cutting room floor junk that was put out so he could get out of a terrible deal with Cash Money. I like it.

Queen Bey has been busy with the release for the music video for “Feeling Myself” feat. Nicki Minaj. It’s pretty difficult to understand why people allow Nicki to feature on their songs for the simple reason is that she is the more entertaining than anyone on the planet right now, especially when she ends up in a on screen food fight with 1/3 of Destiny’s Child. Beyoncé as praised for releasing an album with more adult themes, if your idea of being adult is telling the world you occasionally masturbate. However, Beyoncé found herself at the centre of controversy when she showcased that she can afford pour a bottle of liquid that you couldn’t possibly afford into a swimming pool. She can also allegedly afford to bail out kids locked up during the Ferguson protests. Clouds/Silver Lining.

In other news, Dr Dré has once again opened up the possibility of Detox finally coming to pass with the release of 2 Night featuring Kendrick Lamar & Jeremih. It’s boring, uninspired flip of You Got Me by The Roots has nothing to ride home about and people stopped waiting for Detox years ago and went back to their unfulfilling, miserable lives.

One of those people is Jack White. He’s confirmed in a Q/A that Meg White has “Stopped answering phone calls”, how much New York clogs his creative glands by saying “Nothing feels special there when you’re creative” and defended himself for sounding like a hypocrite for his involvement in new music streaming service TIDAL because he “makes the stupid mistake of having an opinion” before quipping “When has there NOT been negativity about me?”. He worryingly went on to say “I don’t belong here and most of the time [it’s] torture trying to find reasons to stay”, although he has since said he was referring to the chat room, and as someone who has been on 4chan for 5 minutes, I can relate to his pain.

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