Murder Was The Case That They Gave Me: 7 Rappers and Their Legal Troubles

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R. Kelly is back in the news again for all the wrong reasons. The R&B singer is this time accused of holding women captive in a sadistic cult and “controlling every aspect of their lives.”

Sources indicate that Kelly, 50, took advantage of six women in Chicago and Atlanta, restricting their diets and contact with the outside world.

It almost feels like a sick reality TV show (I say sick – most reality shows are pretty warped these days). But this wouldn’t be the first time Kelly has denied charges of sexual misconduct.

In 1997 he was sued by 20 year old Tiffany Hawkins for supposedly sleeping with her when she was underrage. Then in 2008, he was acquitted for charges linking him to a 2002 video tape of a man urinating on an underage girl. Even his relationship with late singer, Aaliyah, was fraught with controversy. Kelly and her are said to have been illegally married when she was just 15. There’s also, of course, the rumour that the two first shacked up when she was only 12.

Allegations of this nature aren’t unheard of in hip hop. As much as I love the music, I’m not going to deny the problems that come with it. Fame, for some artists, means being above the law, as we’ve observed time and time again in the lawsuits, charges and sentences brought forward. Every one from Foxy Brown to Eminem has ended up in court. But who are the worst offenders? Here are seven that spring to mind:

1. Afrika Bambaataa

This one was rather difficult to stomach. Afrika Bambattaa, one of hip hop’s original greats, accused of sex abuse? No way! The Planet Rock star is reported to have molested several young boys during the formation of rap awareness group, Universal Zulu Nation, in the Bronx.

Ron Savage, one of the men allegedly affected, claims Bambaataa’s activities were well known to Zulu members, who chose to keep silent. Defending his position, Bambaataa maintains: “I never abused nobody. You know, it just sounds crazy to people to say that, hear ‘you abused me.”

Interestingly, little more has been said about the case since it went viral in October 2016.

2. Cassidy

“Girl you wanna come to my hotel?”. Ah, what a great tune that was. Pity it was one of Cassidy’s last popular songs, for in June 2005 he was charged with murder, attempted murder, reckless endangerment, aggravated assault, conspiracy and weapons possession, following an incident in Philadelphia.

Changes to his sentence meant he only served eight eight months in the end, but some might say his career never recovered from it.

3. Lil’ Kim

Biggie’s right-hand woman is just as much a bad girl as the late Poppa himself. In 2001, Kim and her entourage had an altercation with rap act, Capone-N-Noreaga, which resulted in her getting done for lying to a federal grand jury. As a result, she had to do time for a year. Her charge? Three counts of perjury and another for conspiracy.

4. Lil Wayne

To say that Lil Wayne is a “hard nut”, would be a gross understatement. The guy’s served eight months on Riker’s Island for attempted criminal possession. Yes, Riker’s Island – home to one of the largest correctional faculties in the world. His other legal troubles include possession of drug paraphernalia and misconduct involving weapons.

5. Max B

Known for his Million Dollar Baby and Public Domain mixtape series, Max B is currently in prison for multiple conspiracy charges relating to felony murder, aggravated assault, armed robbery and kidnapping. Originally down to serve 75 years, B is now due to be released in November 2025.

6. Slick Rick

Slick Rick’s past is no “children’s story”. In 1990 the British-born American rapper was thrown in jail for shooting a bodyguard of his who’d sworn death on him and his mother. One of the bullets caught the bodyguard caught the bodyguard, and another a passerby.

Three of Rick’s seven years in jail were for immigration problems over his residency in the U.S.

7. Mystikal

Mystikal doesn’t only sound like James Brown. He’s also a certified womaniser as well. On July 2002, him and his two bodyguards got cuffed for extortion and aggravated rape. The story goes that Mystikal and co allegedly forced a woman to perform oral sex on them, and later accused her of stealing money from them.

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