From Rainy Dayz to Winter Winds: Weather Forecasting in Rap

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The world has seen its fair share of crazy weather in recent months. From Hurricane Nate raging its fury in Central America to Storm Orphelia turning British skies an ominous shade of orange, we continue to find ourselves at the mercy of the elements. In extreme cases like Hurricane Irma, the cost to lives is irrevocable.

Rappers are masters when it comes to setting a scene and, in many instances, their meteorological depictions are far more exciting than any app.

Here are nine examples of bitter weather forecasting in rap:

Raekwon – Rainy Dayz

The forecast: “What brings rain, hail, snow, and earthquakes/ The beat breaks, cause all my niggas to break son.”

Jedi Mind Tricks – Winds of War

The forecast: “The shower of acid rain brings pain to the land/ You cannot kill what you cannot see – The Verbal Hologram.”

Freestyle fellowship – When the Sun Took A Day Off And The Moon Stood Still

Forecast: “When the sun took a day off and the moon stood still/ The only light that was in sight was the one just past that ol’ onion field.”

Fliptrix – The Storm

Forecast: ” The powerful are powerless/ In a storm when the hour hits/ The sun goes down/ As the darkness starts to devour it.”

Cannibal Ox – Thunder in July

Forecast: “There’s Thunder in July/ When I Speak/ You gon’ hear thunder in the sky.”

Apathy & OC – Winter Winds

Forecast: “You’ll hear thunderin’ like somebody summonin’ poltergeists/ Days turn to nights, summers turn in ice.”

Kashmere – The Nightmare

Forecast: “A thousand years of rain over the planet/ You all look surprised but to me it’s all standard.”

Jean Grae – The Darkest Night Ever

Forecast: “Just started walking and darkness chased me/ The cold air raped me.”

Cunninlynguists – Stars Shine Brightest (In The Darkest of Night)

Forecast: “You may weather the storm if you don’t stop punchin’/ Those talking ‘bout failure ain’t talkin’ ‘bout nothin’.”

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