Fish, Chips and Rap: Hip Hop back in the day launch new monthly night at Chip Shop BXTN

By Anton Constantinou and Sumit Rehal

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In search of some good music and a place to eat, The Highlight Nation team decided to pay a visit to Chip Shop BXTN: a nifty little restaurant known for its tasty fish and classic rap.

Saturday 4th March saw the launch party of a monthly music night put on by London based movement, Hip Hop back in the day.

Drez, the movement’s founder, is a broadcaster, deejay and entrepreneur, known for his work on shows Westside and Itch FM. He also contributes for Def Star Radio in the States.

Having only been to the Chip Shop once before, Sumit and Anton were unsure of what to expect, but had high hopes for the night ahead.

Anton: So, how do you see tonight panning out?

Sumit: I can imagine it being quite casual as it’s a cosy venue, with the tables taking up half the space to serve some bangin’ fish and chips! I’m looking forward to boppin’ my head to the old school bangers while wolfin’ down some mushy peas! How do you know the DJ tonight then?


Anton: We met at the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen. Camp Lo were playing that night, as I recall. Alex, a friend of mine, introduced us, and Drez gave me a business card to take away. That was 10 months ago. Just recently I copped a video of him on Facebook deejaying in Newbury alongside M9 and Micall Parknsun and thought I’d reach out. Turns out he was playing here.

Sumit: Oh nice, I’m a fan of his site, Hip Hop back in the day…they do a lot to keep the culture alive in the UK.

Drez comes on the decks. Cue first song.

Anton: Oh shit, Mary J. Blige, Be Happy – what a tune to kick off his set with! Comin’ with that 90s New Jack Swing!

Sumit: Ahhhh the First Lady of Hip Hop!

Anton: How sick was that mix he just did of All Night Long by the Mary Jane Girls and Big Daddy Kane’s, Smooth Operator?

Sumit: I love hearing any mix of All Night Long…from the original to Redman’s Tonight’s Da Night. Even better with a side of local Brixton Ale.

Anton: You know what? The fish in this place is damn good! Pity they’re sold out of the skate, but the cod is still damn good!

Sumit: So tasty. Probably one of the best haddocks that I’ve had in South London. The art around here also really adds to the cultural atmosphere. I recognise that Method Man piece from the Wu Tang art exhibition down the road last year. Good to see that it stayed around.

wuI see that they have “They Reminisce Over You” written outside…must mean Pete Rock is coming!

CLICK HERE to follow Hip Hop back in the day on Twitter. Alternatively, you can hit up their website directly. Further details about the Chip Shop can be found HERE.

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