The True Meaning of 3Pac: A Mixed Media Installation By Cainnabis

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When Cainnabis received our 2Pac Changes exhibition brief in August, we had no idea what he might pull out of the bag, come September 23rd. Being an alternative artist, we expected something pretty out there from him: something bright, something psychedelic. What we didn’t see coming was an installation.

The drawing, painting and light display combo he gave us is a 2pac interpretation like none other, with a context as broad as the materials it uses. Change, for Cainnabis, is all about taking control, and, as 2pac showed us, that process is achieved through self-development.

Your mixed media piece, 3Pac, was definitely one of the showstoppers of the exhibition. What’s the story behind it?

In Changes, 2Pac calls on us to change the way we eat, live and treat other. I set out to capture both this and the different dimensions to his character, including the humble philosopher and wild gangster. To achieve this, I created three separate 2pac drawings, each with a different pose. The red and blue drawings represent duality, contrasting his good and bad sides. The middle drawing is a symbiosis of the two: a combination of 2Pac the teacher and 2Pac the rapper. The “third eye” which flashes up shows his visionary qualities – the man was way ahead of his time.

How did you come up with the name 3Pac?

On the day of the exhibition, can you believe?! Someone (I can’t remember who) said “Oh, I like your 3Pac piece”, and from there it just stuck.

Of the three faces you feature, which one was the truest to 2Pac’s character, do you think?

I’d say the middle drawing. 2pac was a walking, talking contradiction. He spoke his mind, stood up for what he believed in and never let people’s judgements get in his way. Those who inspire great change in this world are still human, and we shouldn’t think any less of them just because they make mistakes. If their intentions are true, as 2Pac’s were, what does it matter?

What sort of impression did your piece make on people?

People seemed to like the art itself, but were mostly surprised by the light display. I mean, projection mapping isn’t insanely popular yet, nor is it commonly packaged in this way.

How does it differ from other pieces you’ve done before?

It’s completely different to anything I’ve ever done before. This was my first time composing and drawing a piece for the specific purpose of projecting it onto a picture. I had to think about making something that could stand alone as a piece of art. I also had to look ahead and consider the shapes of the picture that I wanted to bring to life. It took a lot of trial and error, mentally, but in end, it paid off!

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