Nine Things I Loved Most About the 1990s

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Not to sound bias or anything, but the 1990s were pretty damn awesome. In a decade that gave us game-changing films, music and technology, there was lots to be proud of and less to fear – at least by modern standards.

Yes, it had its conflicts and scandals – most notably the Bosnian War and the fall of President Bill Clinton – but it also had its positive moments like the release of Nelson Mandela and the opening of the Channel Tunnel.

In Britain, all eyes were on the rise of Brit Pop and the freethinking art that came with it. TV was great, fashion had reached an all-time high, and social media wasn’t yet a thing.  Admittedly I was only a kid in the’ 90s, but what I saw put a smile on my face.

Here are nine things I loved most about the 1990s:

1. Routemaster buses

Routemaster buses were a common sight in London up until the mid noughties, and featured an awesome open-rear doorway you could hop on and off of. I used to catch one from Chiswick to Oxford Street all the time and loved how easy they were to board.

2. Stories on cassette tape

I practically lived for story cassette tapes in the ‘90s. I had quite a few to my name, and the ones I didn’t own could often be fetched at my local library. Most nights I couldn’t sleep without them.

Casette Tapes

3. The Trocadero

What kid growing up in London in the ‘90s didn’t love the Trocadero? Housed inside this former entertainment complex in Piccadilly was an amazing amusement arcade called Segaworld which boasted shit loads of games, a giant statue of Sonic the Hedgehog and this wicked ride called Pepsi Max Drop. Those were the days….

4. Scented gel pens

Imagine – pens which actually smelled like strawberry, chocolate and cola?! No pencil case in the ‘90s was complete without these bad boys. My favourite pen was the cinnamon scented one.

Gel Pens

5. Blockbusters

Before the days of Netflix and Sky On Demand, you had no choice but to pay your local Blockbusters a visit for the latest releases.

6. Gladiators

I can’t speak for the current run of the programme, but, in the ‘90s, at least, Gladiators was the show to watch! Everything about it was awesome, from the gladiators themselves, to the challenges which contestants competed in.

7. Gap Jumpers

Remember when Gap was a cool brand and not something which boring old farts wore? Back in the day is was all about their jumpers with big front pockets.

Gap Jumper


8. When penny sweets actually cost pennies

Gone are the days when you could walk into a newsagent with a quid and actually come out with a hundred sweets. These days you’ll be lucky if you get a chocolate bar for that price.

Penny Sweets

9. Great British comedy

I grew up on a diet of Harry Enfield and Chums, Keeping Up Appearances, One Foot In the Grave, The Royle Family, Mr Bean, Men Behaving Badly, and all those over great shows which hit our screens in the ‘90s. Not only was the comedy varied, but it was also daring – unlike a lot of stuff today.

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