Top Websites For Urban Art and Cultural Events in London

By Anton Constantinou and Sumit Rehal

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At Highlight Nation, we’re always on the road, attending gigs, visiting exhibitions and connecting with people.

Having London as our main hub means we’re spoilt for choice in terms of activities. Provided you know how to find them that is. Like many, we rely on a number of platforms for our art and culture needs. These nine websites are our go-to resources for urban life in London:


This premier gig listing site puts a specific focus on hip hop and R&B nights in London. It’s colourful, nicely laid-out, easy to navigate, with distinctive red and white branding that catches the eye. Ahsh!t has a strong social media presence on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


As it says on the on the tin. Hip Hop Listings is all about the latest upcoming rap shows and releases in the UK, from mixtapes to comeback performances. Its Tumblr interface is free from advertising, allowing for easy interaction.


As great as Time Out London’s print edition is, Londonist has a far better online presence, which covers anything and everything happening in the city, including news, events and reviews. It’s ‘Things to do in London this weekend’ lowdown is especially useful for last minute plans.

All In London 

Need an all-in-one guide to the capital? AllInLondon has it covered. This website does a great job of uniting visitors and locals by listing off typical touristy things to do, as well more obscure stuff. With their extensive what’s on section, you’ll never be short of inspiration.


Eventbrite is a web-based event management service providing tickets to and promotion of functions around the world. Their variety of London-based events couldn’t be broader. Seminars, screenings, conferences, courses, and healing workshops: they’re all advertised here, including our 2pac – Changes art exhibition.

I Am Hip-Hop 

I Am Hip-Hop is produced by the No Bounds charity and the magazine’s primary aim is to educate, inform and provoke the minds of young people in London; promoting positivity, culture and social awareness. Not only do they host a great event calendar but they have interviewed some of the biggest names in the game on each side of the pond, from New York’s Onyx to London’s Lowkey.


Anyone from South London would know what to expect when they see the word “Shoobs”: nothing less than a fire party! Shoobs allows UK gig and rave goers to filter their event of choice not only by location but also by sub-genre. If you specifically want to go to an LGBT UK Garage live gig in Bromley, you can find one! They also have a cool blog that keeps up-to-date with the events that they list.


Skiddle’s greatest attribute is that it integrates listing and purchasing events smoother than a CL Smooth verse. You can come across an event you like, see the price of the ticket and purchase it all within a few clicks, rather than be redirected again and again to other sites, baskets and checkouts. The site also makes reselling tickets easier for those who can’t attend the event anymore. They pride themselves on not being faceless and real fans of music.


MeetUp is a creative concept that allows fans of any particular niche interests and hobbies to get together at events or even be the host. The London-based hip hop meet ups have a great selection of events that range from concerts to art exhibitions. MeetUp brings people together to do, explore, teach and learn the things that help them come alive.


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